Feb 4, 2010

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He has so much to show you!

Fellows, a completely adore this guy! A loved him from the moment I’ve found his solo pics. His name is Alejandro and he is the most masculine creature in this world. If I were asked to describe a perfect male I would simply paint this muscle gay stag! Every line of his body is perfect. Every single muscle is a poem in itself. As for his sweet love-tool! Mmmmm! Straight, thick, long, upright, uncut and shiny! How much I wish I could touch this sacred piece of flesh, this tight body and press my burning lips to it! And meanwhile I enjoy all his hot pics at Manifest Men 😛

  1. agusgemagus says:

    i want to touch you.

  2. Ken kinuthia says:

    I want you to help me find a nice guy who can fuck me hard . Have watched so many gay porn and i want to feel the way they do. Plz,plz,plz help me find one

  3. Ken kinuthia says:

    I want u to fuck me

  4. Wow

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